Zaap Mart offers a 3 hour return policy for foodstuffs bought from our website. If something goes wrong with an eligible food item and you notify us within 3 hours of receiving the item, we will help you to reach a satisfactory resolution such as a return for replacement, exchange, or refund.

After 3 hours, our return policy expires and refunds/returns/exchanges are no longer covered.

How to Return an Item

Before returning an item, please check our return conditions below to make sure your item is eligible for return.

You have 3 hours to notify us that you want to return your item after receipt. if you do not notify us within 3 hours after delivery, we cannot rectify it.

After delivery and confirmation we are no longer liable for your purchase.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, inform the dispatcher and immediately contact our customer service via [phone number and email]. We shall respond immediately to resolve the issue as your satisfaction is our priority.

If you receive foodstuff different from what you ordered, notify us immediately and we shall make quick arrangement to deliver the right order to you.

In the event that your order cannot be delivered due to non-availability, we shall notify you and offer you possible substitutes. If you are not satisfied with the substitutes the cost of the foodstuff shall be refunded to you via the means agreed by you.